Sunday, August 29, 2010

Local band makes it big at NASCAR All Star Race

Local band makes it big at NASCAR All Star Race
By Dana Nigro

The University Times - Editor-in-Chief

Charlotte—a local band, the Paper Tongues, has made it to the big time opening for Creed at Charlotte Motor Speedway for the NASCAR All Star Race.
This isn’t the first time Paper Tongues has performed at the track but they actually played for the fall race back in Oct. The band’s lead singer, Aswan North, described their first performance at the speedway as “a different world”. North had never been a spectator of NASCAR but coming back a second time he said, “I love it, I can see it something I could become addicted to.” He went onto say it is a totally different experience from watching it on TV than being present in the stands.

This exceptional band which consists of 7 members (Aswan North, Devin Forbes, Cody Blackler, Joey Signa, Clayton Simon, Jordan Hardee and Danny Santell) raises the bar with their unique music. “We explain it as Journey meets Roots,” said North. Their rock, hip-hop, and funk mix together and create a sound unlike any other.

They are “different” said Angela Baker from Tazewelo, VA after Paper Tongues performance. During their opening song NASCAR fans weren’t sure what they were hearing, but as the set continued the mood changed. By the time Paper Tongues started their last song ‘Ride to California’ there wasn’t a single body standing still in the crowd.

“I love this city,” North said about Charlotte “it’s my favorite city in the country.” Eating at Brixx Pizza and the Dillworth area are among his favorite things to do at home. “I love to drive my car around uptown and look at all the buildings.”

North tributes his understanding of how to flow with the music of his band by his time with the “Improv Music Experience” which he and a buddy started over 10 years ago. It is a gathering of local musicians on Saturday nights who improv with all kinds of instruments, in the city of Charlotte, NC. North said that this helped him find the other members of Paper Tongues; they have now been a committed band for three years.

North’s powerful voice, complimented by the band’s tight harmonies, and their high energy was all for the people. Paper Tongues was more than gracious to be performing in their hometown. “When we aren’t on tour we are here cutting grass,” said North between sets.

“Thank you for treating your local boys so well,” North said after ending a well received set. Looks lile these local boys will be back in demand soon. Their debut album is currently in stores now.

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