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Any band whose CD sleeve is made from remnants of beer packaging will get my interest. Microtia is one such band. They also made the track listing insert from old cigarette packaging. They claim to have consumed 1650 beers and smoked a ton of cigarettes in order to make the packaging. I guess that is being eco-friendly, right? Anyway, the disc I was sent used a PBR box for the sleeve and the track list on an a Camel box. I'm gonna crack open a beer (a Maine Logger Lager, if you care to know) myself and write this review.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Microtia play a mix of metal, punk and pop with some pretty progressive overtones at times - check the last 2 minutes of "Early Fish Gets The Worm" for a really good example of this. "Tone Mtn. Vs. The Body of Riffage" is my pick for standout track here. Starting off fairly quiet, the song builds into a monster riff, with some pretty cool spacey sounding synths bouncing around in the background. The crescendo that it builds up to is amazing good - the guitar work here is insanely good, and superbly catchy. I also love when the guitar and bass are playing lockstep with each other, even if it's only for a short bit.

This is some good, solid rock here. It is overall a good disc, with a few standout parts (mentioned above) and a lot of stuff that is decent, yet unspectacular. I would like to check this band out live, though. I figure they'd be cool to have a few beers with, and would likely put on a pretty entertaining show.

B -Goz

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