Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BONEDOME : Texas is alive and well!

Bonedome: Thinktankubator

Bone Dome there are eight musicians on stage, that devil does all Alan Hayslip (vocals bass and production). Chad Stock Bearing (keyboards), Gerald Iragorri (drums) and up to four players, Edward McMahon, Greg Pickett, Colin Boyd and Jonathan Lacey. They all come from the region of Dallas, Texas.

The great merit of Bone dome is a unique sound they they are trying to create and there for the most part succeed too.
On songs like "Easy, Red Flags R Troulbe" and especially "Steve" they will do me something to thing about David Bowie.
"Can I Lose You" other than a rock ballad in the best Texas tradition. "Houston we have a little problem..." sing the boys of Bone Dome. Some humor is no strange rto them and they keep like a mirror to American society as it already sounding Texan Slow Xing Jesus. "He is not Heavy, he's fat and American but the girls still love him." The strength of Bone Dome lies in the excellent texts.
One Girl" is a valid rocker, but the absolute highlight of Bone dome holds the end with the beautiful lullaby sung polyphony "Custody Lullabye."
Wer all the tracks from this level was then there was one in five. Now "Thinktankubator" Bone Dome that does not make a bad record. Texas is alive and well!

Ivan Van Belleghem (3 tot 4)

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