Friday, August 19, 2011

White Orange, "…and this is why I speak to you in parables," (Made in China Records)

White Orange, "…and this is why I speak to you in parables," (Made in China Records)

Never have I seen a more elaborate two-song set-up than this full-length looking EP. First, it's on a beautifully illustrated, picture-disc vinyl, along with a limited run of 500. And the illustrators are no small potatoes. Side A is Aleister Crowley's "Ceremonial Seal" and side B is by Raul Casillas, who looks to be an artist with an introspective soul. It seems that this Portland band either has a serious message they are trying to convey, or somebody backing them does.

The title track starts with a brief sampled speech before dipping into 13 minutes and 13 seconds—yes, spooky stuff—of psychedelic vocalizing a la Black Sabbath. The bouncy percussion reminds me of David Bowie's "Black Country Rock" (not in sound, but rather repetition) before it gives way to a seventies-style jam. Or more of a modern take on a jam, like the Foo Fighters or even a doom metal band.

What's odd is that the second song, "Middle of the Middle" is just that; it's literally the middle five minutes and three seconds of the title track. Although I like the song, I'm scratching my head as to why so much is spent on the production of technically just one song. Hey, I'm not one to complain, this album was gratis and it looks good spinning on my record player. Maybe I should play it backwards and see if there is a hidden message.

You can check out the two tunes

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