Saturday, August 6, 2011

how White Orange got their name.


White Orange

There's a sweet smell and a cloud of smoke plus a bunch of people doing stuff that makes absolutely no sense to anyone that hasn't partaken in what is being shared around. Someone makes a comment about fruit and how it'd be trippy if bananas were purple and oranges were white. Which I guess is how White Orange got their name.

The fuzzed up sound of White Orange kneels and worships on the Josh Homme altar. The two openers sure are punchy and might convince some that they are actually listening to "Rated R" as both the songs right down to the voice and the production are more than a little reminiscent of Queens of The Stone Age at their peak. "Middle of the Riddle" has the nursery rhyme feel ovethat the title indicates at and the singer sounds a little like am ripped heavyweight pschedelic Bowie over the hazy but heavy guitar distortion. The voice of the Thin White Duke comes and goes in "Wonderful" where stoner rock heaviness is the name of the game. The very uptempo "Kill the Kids" invokes an insane spew into the porcelain after drinking too much feel and the song itself, isn't miles away from "To The Quick and to The Pointless".

There's a burn to "Sunspots" that makes it easy to catch more than a waft of the smell of the joint being passed around. The ride finishes with the mellow spacey "Sigourney Weaver" Despite a small amount of filler, the overall spaced out psychedelic groove of White Orange is irresistible.


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