Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SASSY!!! hipster 80s magazine for teen girls


Diggin’ Deep
Good Trouble
Sassy!!! (their exclamation marks, not ours) are not to be confused with the hipster 80s magazine for teen girls published under the same name. Or are they? Kitty Largewood and Trixie Delicious (these may possibly be aliases) are the two girls comprising the band (two is more than enough for you, buster) with the same attitude and flair for fun as the aforementioned publication. Lots of hair and fishnet stockings are ever present in their fashion fundamentals. Trixie plays loose, never sloppy, letting her guitar strings squeal between chord changes. Kitty drums up a storm like she grew up a kid sister to Tommy Ramone. If Joan Jett teamed up with Meg White for a concert at rock’n’roll high school, things would most certainly get sassy. Songs come at you in concise, three minute bursts of drinkin’, datin’, and rockin’. “Wild Summer,” “You Can Have Him,” and “Keep It Comin” give you a pretty good idea of the party contained on Diggin’ Deep. Boys best behave or these girls will be digging about six feet deep. And the headstone will bear

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