Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pacific NW musical mavens Stephanie Schneiderman and Scarlet Season

Kissing Cousins, Scarlet Season Prepare for Cinco de Mayo on MusicMonday

  By Brian Ball, Host of WomensRadio Music Review

We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off Cinco de Mayo week here on WomensRadio than by sharing some of the favorites to have arrived on our desks in the past week! There’s new music from so-cal darlings Kissing Cousins, Fereshta and Patsy Moore, east coast starlet Rachel Platten, Pacific NW musical mavens Stephanie Schneiderman and Scarlet Season and more to help get the fiesta started!
We’re not saying that the others listed below don’t deserve your clicks, as they most certainly do. Perhaps our listeners may even choose to go into ‘discovery mode’ themselves and totally disregard any of the hype found in above paragraphs. If that’s the case, we say ‘so be it’ and wish those pioneering souls Godspeed in their musical quest.
If you're on Twitter, you probably are already hip to the use of hash tags (#) to identify topics and trends ... and you probably see the same ones every Monday, “#MusicMonday", "#musicmonday" and "#MM". These hash tags facilitate worldwide recommendations / promos / plugs / playlists / reviews / concerts / gear and MUCH more throughout Twitter, and now the entire web!
Here at WomensRadio, we use these networks to give an added boost to the world's finest Independent Female (and Male) Musicians submitting to our studios. Here are a couple of submissions we picked up early Monday morning:

#1: Kissing Cousins Garage / Indie / Rock from Los Angeles, CA
#2: Stephanie Schneiderman Ambient / Pop / Trip Hop from Portland, OR
#3: Scarlet Season Pop / Rock / Experimental from Seattle, WA
#4: Zagar Electronica / Psychedelic / Alternative from Budapest, Hungary
#5: Hannah Judson Alternative / Folk / Indie from Paris / Chicago
#6: Fereshta Arena Rawwwk from Kabul, Afghanistan / Los Angeles, CA
#7: Rachel Platten Acoustic / Pop / Indie from New York, NY
#8: Patsy Moore Ambient / Indie / Pop from Los Angeles, CA

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