Sunday, September 4, 2011

"With the band it gets kind of Zepplin-y,"

The Janks

Los Angeles-based band plays in Ashland tonight at CultureWorks

Zach Zmed on guitar, left, and Dylan Zmed on mandolin, right, are The Janks. Photos by Mandy Valencia | for the Tidings

Posted: 2:00 AM May 06, 2011

For L.A.-based The Janks, Ashland is starting to become its home away from home.

Since moving to Ashland last year, band manager Rich Rees has brought The Janks up north to shoot two of its music videos. Tonight the band returns to play a show at CultureWorks featuring new songs from its upcoming new album, "Hands of Time." The music begins at 8 p.m. at 310 Oak St.

The core members of the group, brothers Dylan Zmed, 24, and Zach Zmed, 28, arrived in Ashland Thursday afternoon after kicking off their West Coast tour in San Francisco. The two brothers are staying at Rees' house, which is where they performed their song "Echo Whispers" for the Tidings Café.

"I do want to move up here, it's so nice," said Zach. "We're actually planning on stealing this house," added Dylan.

With a voice reminiscent of Chris Martin of Cold Play, Zach sings outs a beautiful melody while his younger brother harmonizes. Lyrics worthy of contemplation and mostly written by Zach are a signature of The Janks, whose new record also includes songs written by Dylan and guitarist and keyboardist Garth Herberg.

"It's really heavy and really cerebral. It's visceral, but it's lovely and light," said Dylan of The Janks' music. "It's day and night."

"Some songs are upbeat but some might make you want to punch someone," added Zach.

For tonight's show at CultureWorks, the Zmed brothers will be accompanied by the rest of the band, which includes Wade Ryff, Lucas Ventura and Herberg.

"With the band it gets kind of Zepplin-y," said Zach.

The Janks formed in 2006 and has recorded one album, called "Delicate Mouthfeels." Its second CD will be released in September and includes the addition of Dylan, who joined the group about a year ago.

The Janks will continue its West Coast tour by playing for the first time in Portland, then Seattle. The members plan on returning to Ashland in the fall to promote their new album.

"It would be cool to do a house show," said Zach.

Mandy Valencia is reporter for the Daily Tidings .

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