Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Magical Mystery Tour with Climber

A Magical Mystery Tour with ClimberBy Andrea Rizzo

With a name like Climber, one can’t help but think this Portland, Oregon, band is on its way up. The band took a few moments to let in on the area music scene, the merits of touring and a few cool projects coming out. Find out more by visit their website.

1. How would you describe the Climber sound?Synth-pop with two kinds of flair that sparkle at times: classical motifs and goofy circus music. 

2. Do you find the Portland scene to be supportive?Sure. Portland has tons of places to play, and most of them are staffed by people who like local music and are laid-back enough to let local people do their thing. The huge number of artists and art enthusiasts make it a fun place to be, too because there is so much creativity influencing and inspiring us. I can’t think of a cooler, more casual place to do art. Maybe there are more intense places to operate, but I like Portland’s vibe.   

3. How has The Mystic been received?It’s received good and bad reviews, which is a huge accomplishment for us because we made something interesting enough to be disliked. At least, that’s how we choose to see it. It’s been fun to see some writers say that a certain track is the best song on the album, and then read that others find it to be the very worst. There’s a bit of disagreement about it, which we think is the mark of something worth hearing. I’m sure anyone who believes in their own music feels this way, but I think it’s actually a shame that more people haven’t heard it because it’s really a cool album. It’s engaging, eclectic (some have said it’s much too eclectic), serious and lighthearted, and musically, very intricate. There’s my sales-pitch!   

4. Although you don't tour that often, have you found it's easier to reach fans through social networking? And how has that changed the face of your music (if at all)?In my opinion, social networking doesn’t compete with the face-to-face interaction and excitement you get touring. After our tours we’d always be energized about the new people we’d met and reached with our music, and those new contacts led to subsequent ones in a big web of band-promoting-happy-madness. Maybe if social networking were our strength, or our interest for that matter, we’d find it effective, but without touring it all feels a little hollow. But I’m also probably the worst social networker in the band; others might respond differently. 

5. What are some new projects your working on?Climber is recording a new EP that has some great new songs; it’ll be out someday soon. We’re also trying really hard to get some Climber songs, or sometimes new compositions, licensed with other media like commercials or films. It’s a fun way to write music but still stay home within reach of all the comforts and responsibilities it offers.

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