Saturday, September 10, 2011

fuses wicked Rock N Roll tunes

SASSY - Diggin' Deep: Christa DiBiase and Lynda Mandolyn are back with their second album which fuses wicked Rock N Roll tunes with a bit of pop and blues. For a duo to put out a release of this quality you realise they have a love for what they do. The thirteen tracks on here show why Sassy should be a much bigger band than what they are I'm sure after hearing this release you'll understand what I'm saying. There's some very cool tracks on here such as 'Honey Bee', 'So Bad It's Good', 'Keep It Down' and 'It Really Hurts'. I'm so happy that Sassy exist simply because these two ladies know to rock out in style. If it wasn't for people like Christa and Lynda playing Rock n Roll there would be no Street Voice. I really do suggest you check this duo out! 'Diggin' Deep is where it's at baby! 9/10

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