Friday, December 2, 2011

I would expect any band called Black Pussy to have a dirty and sleazy sound

"On Blonde"
By Dr. Abner Mality
I would expect any band called Black Pussy to have a dirty and sleazy sound and these guys do not disappoint on that account. They favor a sound so basic and repetitive that it makes AC/DC sound like King is truly rock n' roll at its most minimalist and primitive. The sound is coated with more fuzz than I find in my washing machine lint collector and will appeal to a lot of stoner rock fans...indeed, the album is dedicated to Brant Bjork.

During the very short course of "On Blonde", Black Pussy reduces rawk to its most basic building blocks. The opening cut "Marijuana" (triggered by sounds of someone toking on a bong) is almost brilliant in its stupidity, pounding out an incredibly catchy fuzz-soaked riff while the chorus beats the line "She wants, she wants your, she wants, she wants your marijuana" into oblivion. "Can't Take Anymore" follows in very similar fashion...amazingly simplistic yet effective fuzz-rock. With "Swim", the riffs become woozy and drunken, wobbling around like they have a snootful. This tune conjures up the ghosts of alt-rock icons such as Sonic Youth and Dinosaur, Jr.

From there, the repetition and simplicity begins to wear thin. This is a style that can only be pushed so far. "Blow Some Steam Off" is OK, but nothing new while "Ain't Talkin' About Love" (no relation to Van Halen) isn't dumb and catchy...just dumb. The album ends on a bad note with the low key minimalist ballad "Indiana", which irritated me to holy hell with its aimless wah-wah guitar noises burbling along.

Black Pussy sure has its good points, but they can't rely solely on super-minimal stuff to break through. If you like your rawk fuzzy, though, you can maybe invest in some Pussy.
P.S. I can't tell you how much fun I had doing a Google image search using the band's name.

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