Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Magnuson – Crash of Cassini 2011

Magnuson – Crash of Cassini 2011

1. Dark Reality
2. Real Control
3. Blame
4. Dying To See
5. Somewhere
6. Stars Collide
7. Let Me Go
8. The Scout
9. Never Know
10. Forever Saturday
11. Fear & Deception
12. Vibration Girl
13. Here & Now
14. Strange Lights

Finally, music weird people can dance to. Its a very haunting, spacy, eclectic, to start off with the song Dark Reality when the rest of the album is so much more in your face and rockin. I thought that track would set the tone for the whole album but luckily I was wrong, it gets frickin down, immediately. Very unique, hard to classify, lovingly creepy music. The band is a TWO piece, yet fills the room like a 6 pack. Its an album I wished I had on vinyl, its just that type of rough-clean I like in my progressive, experimental, indie rock. I like it, but its not for everyone, as its different, and different is good people. And if you can catch them live, do it, they are amazing.
RATING: 4 of 5

Album cover - Magnuson

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