Monday, December 12, 2011

Meaning idiot in Gaelic, this band is anything but idiotic

 Amadan (United States)

Meaning idiot in Gaelic, this band is anything but idiotic. They've got a fresh mix of Gaelic inspired violin and flute filled moments with a punk rock drum, and an American twangy rock voice.
Reminiscent of Dispatch and OAR at times, with a harder beat and a nod to old Ireland, Amadan somehow isn't confused. Who knew punk rock, Gaelic, and folk could come together to sound not only interesting, but also fantastic?
Apparently the Pacific Northwest of the USA has been keeping these boys a secret these past ten years. Wait, is that a didgeridoo we hear? Oh yes it is. And with three hour concerts, you might just have to get on over to Oregon and catch them live, with a beer in hand and your dancing shoes ready.
Songs we recommend y! ou listen to: "Not Your Man" and "Used to Know".
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