Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Strange Ones: Interview with Campfire OK

The Strange Ones: Interview with Campfire OK By Andrea Rizzo

This Seattle-based sextet is one of those bands that do not fit neatly into a specific genre. Campfire OK dabbles in folk, rock, indie and pop, creating a sound that is entirely their own. Lead vocalist Mychael took some time to answer a few questions for Careersingear.com. Learn more about how they create their musical concoctions, the band’s penchant for a multitude of instruments, and where the rest of the year will lead them.
1. How is your newest release, Strange Like We Are, being received?
We have had a great response so far. I'm very, very pleased with the amount of people who contact us because they have a friend that got the album and recommended them to buy it. It is a very good feeling.
2. Tell us how you create your folky-pop songs.
A magician never reveals his secrets. Kidding. This question implies that I have a certain process of writing all of the songs and truth be told, I don't. Most songs are written in their basic form by me, at my house either half asleep or wired on coffee. Then I take that shell of a song to the band and we start to add all additional instrumentation.
3. Your band is heavy on utilizing many different instruments, but not as focused on the guitar as other bands. How does this work with your sound?
I think it works wonderfully, how do you think it works? Our songs don't have much guitar simply because I write on piano most of the time. We don't try to avoid the guitar and we don't try to write music with a specific sound. We just like to play music and this ends up being how it comes out. It's very happenstance.
4. Who, or what, are some of your biggest influences?
Our influences range greatly, anywhere from western classical to Brit pop, to acid jazz, or American dance pop or rock music from the 70's and 90's. So with that in mind, it is quite difficult to pinpoint our main influences. I feel that fact is evident in the music we write too. We are never able to say, that song sounds like Nirvana or Bob Dylan.
5. What are your plans for the remainder of the year?
We plan on traveling as much as possible, play as much as possible at festivals, and track another album.

You can also check out the official Campfire OK website at
http://www.campfireok.com/ to preview songs, watch videos, find news, tour information and more.

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