Thursday, May 31, 2012

Age Sex Occupation ALBUM REVIEW

Daniel Weiskopf is the CEO and chief songwriter of Age/Sex/Occupation (their friends probably refer to them as ASO). He plies his trade on vocals and keyboards as part of a post-urban-dance/art rock trio that aspires to be 70s/80s throwback white soul, and actually winds up being more than that. Although “Dirty Isn’t Dirty” is a little forced and comes across as slightly pandering, they immediately redeem themselves with the next song: “The Day I Ignored Street Signs.” They bust out the keyboards big time on “Hide And Seek” and there’s some strong female vocal action by Nicole Berke on this bouncy anti-love song. “Zombie” is quality work and energetic for a song named after the undead, and “Volcano” is pretty damn good as well. I’m not wild about their funny name, but who the hell am I? Disregard that. They got it going on. As you were.

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