Saturday, May 26, 2012

New video of the day: ‘Every Night’ by the Family Curse

The Family Curse
Every Night by the Family Curse by Joseph Seuferling or JZAR:
Video and free digital download for “Every Night” by The Family Curse. Track is part of a split 7″ release with blackQueen on Fainting Room Collective. Free download of the entire album available here
JZAR says:
Video is directed and produced by Iosis Media. Both bands are from Seattle.
I wanted to give the video to “Every Night” a kind of weird, retro, public access tv feel to capture the rawness of the music.
 The song speaks to me of relationship troubles and emotional intensity, so there was no question that we needed to do a live performance that ignored the narrative and was only subtext.
 I thought, if sound is the soul of form, then The Family Curse just gives birth to mutants. Various sized mutants that crawl all over you.
So… I decided to portray them as archetypes on a psilocybin-fueled schizo-trek, but also like condiments on an inedible haunch.
 The video explores themes of:
1. Psychological weather
2. An interior world inhabited by disassociated projections, both paralytic and in flux.
3. A testimony of encroaching danger.
4. Loss – this is reflected visually as in a loss of data, a glitch, the skipping around of a scratched cd or laser disc.
There is certainly a menacing undercurrent, but also elements of humor. I feel this accurately reflects the band members who are all artistic geniuses, but extremely approachable.

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