Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Burning Hotels

The Burning Hotels
"Austin's Birthday"
From "Novels," due out April 27

So, we don't usually do this whole "gushing preview" thing (who do we look
like? Pitchfork or something? BA-ZING!), but it's also not very often that
we get our hands on a pre-release track this good. And seeing as how The
Burning Hotels aren't going to be featured on Discovery Download anytime
soon - Josh Kelly's misappropriated ego is currently hogging most of that
space-we feel it's our duty to fill you in.

Anyway. "Austin's Birthday" is the freshly-dropped single from their
forthcoming album "Novels," and while the record as a whole has something of
an Interpol-meets-good-'90s-alternative vibe to it, the sound here is
straight-up, flange-heavy mod-punk. The guitars, nailed down by a robotic
thump of a bass line, glimmer as much as they spit, all along to lyrics like
"I'm sorry girls, she stole my heart." It might start raining inside your
bedroom, is what we're saying.

And there you have it: gravity and moodiness you can tap your foot to. The
entire album drops in a couple of months, but if you need it before then, my
hacker handle is "Sockiboo." Code word, "Belinda Carlisle."

Check out the tune on their MySpace page:

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