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Elin Palmer - Postcard - Review - Chronicle of an artist in love strings

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2009 - Elin Palmer - Postcard - Review - Chronicle of an artist in love strings

I can not resist even a Swedish exile in the States, in Denver to be exact. Elin PalmerYoung blonde beauty with blue eyes like the ocean (ouhhh) is a brilliant multi-instrumentalist: harp, accordion, nyckelharpa (Swedish folk instrument bowed stringed ancestor, and violin), guitar, cello, bass, etc.. nothing seems to resist it. The true gift allowed him to work with many artists: 16 Horsepower, Mr. Ward, The Czars, Basia Bulat, The Fray, Kal Cahoone, DevotchkaEtc.. and leave at the end of the first few years of Lp 8 songs: Postcard. It will be easy to succumb to the freshness and originality of his music divinely orchestrated masterfully by the young artist.

Postcard an album is extremely concise and well done for a period of just over 30 minutes, we are transported with delight in the musical string Elin: sophisticated, delicate and feminine both traditional and sleek, modern . Not to mention that her soft voice is very ethereal and haunting. The title track Postcard starts the album on a note wonderfully invigorating, full of light contrasting with his suite enchanting and melancholy that is the sublime PaintOne of my favorite songs from the album and even the distress that can be felt on Time. The charm and the scenery reaches its apotheosis on the titles in Swedish: Stora Stoular and Duvardar. Balloons the song is more "mainstream" of the album with a fine touch pop / rock air. The epic and dark Whaleboat Closing the album on a note of the most sumptuous americana. Maybe the best song on the album.

A very exciting first opus that showcases the talent of the young fool Elin Palmer. Following his adventures musicals should be exciting.

Final Note: A +

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