Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prize Country ...with Love


...with Love
Hex Records

Portland Oregon punk/post-hardcore rockers Prize Country lovingly deliver us 9 new songs, just about 35-minutes or hook laden, catchy and easy to sing along to songs, entitled ...with Love. Although they've only been together for a few years now, the band has released an ep, 2 full lengths, and a couple of splits prior to this release. On top of that, they seem to always be out on the road, so I have no idea how they have time to record at all.

Prize country reminds me a bit of a cross between Fu Manchu and ASG with some Helmet or Fugazi thrown in. The music is full of heavy, catchy riffs that will stick in your head. The vocals are kind of that shouting/singing crossbreed that is also catchy and it is easy to imagine yourself singing along to them at a show. "Regular Nights" is the first track, and it will get it's hooks in you right away and not let go until the end. You'll be tapping your foot and humming along to this one in no time - and you'll probably be doing that all day long after listening to it a couple of times. "Gamble" is one of the standout track here, with some pretty comical lyrics ("place your bets on the dying horse and you hope he makes good glue"), and some downright kickass guitar and drum work throughout the song. Take a listen to "Bigger Picture" to hear some of the more technical guitar work on the disc - not noodling mind you, but just a bit more technical than some of the other work here.

Prize Country is a band that seems to do things their way. The numerous releases, the non-stop touring, and the flat out rock that they play all points to this. Check out this disc, you're bound to get dragged in by all the catchiness that is present, and if you're like me, it will probably make you want to see one of their many live shows.

B -Goz

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