Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prize Country, another gem courtesy of Portland,

[RECORD REVIEW] Prize Country (PDX) - "...With Love" (2010)
Words by Matt Abramson

Prize Country - ...With Love
(Hex Records - 2010)

Several weeks ago we witnessed Prize Country, another gem courtesy of Portland, preform for entirely too few people at the Rendezvous on a bill with the mighty Android Hero. In spite of technical issues and pitiful attendance, they played with conviction and intensity. '...With Love' had been in my possession for several weeks, but following the show I was driven to give the record much closer consideration.

Prize Country put to good use familiar tactics of bands such as Snapcase, Fugazi and Thrice but blend them with a distinct Northwest grit and ferocity. I know I get down a lot on records that tread on familiar territory, and Prize Country ain't doing anything new here, but they do it so fucking well I am left throwing my arms up in defeat and saying, "Damnit, this just plain rocks!" I have to place more consideration toward bands that perfect existing styles rather than inventing new ones. The album is relentless yet tuneful. The mix does the precise instrumentation justice and keeps the energy level near critical mass.

The nine tracks on '...With Love' may be a bit brief, but the album functions as a self-contained piece of ass kicking post-rock. Everything here is clearly in its place and executed with mastery, so check your music snobbery at the door and dig on some genuine shit. Furthermore, I implore you to keep your eyes peeled to all them concert calendars that you may get the opportunity to check out their awesome live show in the very near future.

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