Monday, July 12, 2010

Prize Country - With Love on ALTSOUNDS

Prize Country - With Love [Album]
Hex Records

by simon.dangerous

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Prize country are another young band out to make a name for themselves with their own brand of Post Hardcore riffs and bad attitude. Do they succeed? Lets see. "With Love", their debut album opens with the wonderfully titled ‘From the Gutter’ which is a typical album opener, minimal, inaudible vocals over bass and drums, which could have eaily been an instrumental and is a typical opener for this style of band.

"With Love" sounds just like I thought it would. There is a lot of Post Hardcore aggression and venom on display here. It slithers and moves like a lot of bands before them but it seems like Prize Country has enough savvy to change things up a bit and make everything that little bit heavier so it leans more to the metallic side than the whiny Emo side.

There are some genuine gems on here found in tracks like ‘I Could Be a Knife’, ‘It Was a Night Like Tonight’ and ‘Bigger Picture’ and whilst everything is well and good and this début does show some real signs of genuine promise, I would say that it wouldn’t hurt to fine tune their songwriting skills a little more to ensure longevity in the field, as bands like this are always popping up with varying degrees of success and talent.

The thing that will set Prize Country apart is the fact that they seem to have passion and intent and that they don’t try to pander to a scene even though they have a sound that could easily be pigeon holed or placed within one. Prize Country seem to want to be remembered as a great band rather than another band in a scene.

With their début album "With Love", Prize Country have thrown down and announced their arrival, armed with meaty riffs and a ton of energy. Prize Country will look to get away from any comparisons that are thrown at them and try and strike their own identity. I truly believe that with a little bit of fine tuning Prize Country could easily become something truly exceptional.

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