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“Sexy, sincere and Sweetly Southern" Jessie Torrisi
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“Sexy, sincere and sweetly Southern”
Jessie Torrisi
Bruler, Bruler
Austin, TX
Recorded & produced by William
Berlind // Mixed by Bryan Cook
// Mastered by Hans DeKline

“You put the ‘X’ in Texas,” Jessie Torrisi mischievously drawls in her charming Southern twang.But that isn’t quite how she means it: “You broke my heart in two,” she goes on to sing. Still, it’s Torrisi’s playfulness with her sexy sound and her sincerity of meaning that makes her debut album, Bruler, Bruler, an entertaining and uplifting short ride. Previously a glam-rock drummer involved with a dozen bands in New York, Torrisi’s solo sound is funky, flirty and fun. “X in teXas” features a surprising but lovely trumpet accompaniment and “Runaway Train” begins with a catchy drum-andguitar riff that will quickly have you swaying in your seat. And then, Torrisi opens up “So Many Miles” by crooning – straight-up ‘80s pop-ballad style. She also has been known to bust out her electric guitar, harmonica and kazoo during live performances. But not to worry, Bruler, Bruler never gets too carried away with over-the-top flair; her songs somehow feel deliciously understated. Torrisi’s sweet and gentle Southern drawl reinforces the poetic sincerity of her lyrics. In her opening track, “Hungry Like Me,” about craving someone worthy to love, Torrisi sings: “The sunlight dances on your skin / and I don’t need another man who disappears when day ends / Come on and keep me up all night long / You’re gonna pin me down with desire.” Her songs mostly revolve around the themes of heartbreak, yearning and loneliness, and Torrisi’s delightful twang keeps you rooting on with her. Running at just 31 minutes, Bruler, Bruler is just a taste of what Torrisi can do. “Take me to the brighter side,” she softly sings in her final track, but I have the feeling that this impressive singersongwriter in all her newfound solo glory can take herself there. (Wild Curls Music.)

Ariana Samuelson

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