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The Burning Hotels guitarist chats about the band's awards and history

The Burning Hotels guitarist chats about the band's awards and history

Written by Andrew Plock, The Shorthorn scene editor


Courtest: The Burning Hotels

Starting from two buddies into music, Matt Mooty and Chance Morgan pieced  together a rock band Cowtown has deemed its own.

Fort Worth natives The Burning Hotels will appear on campus tomorrow to perform for EXCEL Campus Activities' Friday Night Live concert. The show starts at 8 p.m. Friday with Springfest hopeful The Dirty Dandies as the opening act.
The Burning Hotels and its post-punk take on indie rock has been catching the Metroplex's attention as they have taken multiple awards from FW Weekly for Rock Album of The Year (2008, 2010), Rock Act of the Year and Rock Song of the Year (2010).
The group also had its song "Stuck In The Middle" featured in the soundtrack for the movie Bandslam. Before they come to UTA and travel to Austin for a show Saturday night,  Mooty, the band's guitarist and vocalist, answered a few questions about the  band's origins and how they plan to progress after their first full length album, Novels.

The Shorthorn: So where did The Burning Hotels get its start?

Matt Mooty: Me and Chance had been playing since middle school and writing took us that direction and we formed and met Wyatt [drummer] and over time we eventually met Marley [bass player]. It was a very organic process but by no means overnight.

TS: How would you describe the music?

MM: I would guess like sexy-punk-math-rock. Heck, I don't know. I've had a hard time answering that question for years now, but I definitely can't. It gets its comparisons. We have our influences probably I suppose, lets just sexy math rock punk.

TS: You've been opening up for some big acts, most recently was the Toadies.

What was that like opening up for them?

MM: It was quite a surreal experience. If you grew up in the area, it's one of things that growing up here and I mean the Toadies - they were just huge. I was only like 10 years old. We were just kids listening to this stuff and now were playing with it.

TS: You've been getting awards from FW Weekly, what's that been like for you all?

MM: Fort Worth has been good to us. That just makes it, I don't want say official, but it's just really cool. It's not like we won a Grammy by any means, but the feeling is just as good. You're still playing for people who love your music.

TS: One of the awards you received was for the song "Austin's Birthday" which had a video. Do you all have any videos in mind to follow that up?
MM: We have a new track that's going to be leaking out sometime soon and it's got a video with it, but I don't know when. That's definitely on the horizon very soon and it's a little different from the normal Burning Hotels stuff. It's been kinda stale as far as all the video viral stuff lately, but I'm glad we got something coming up.

TS: What's in store for the band this year?

MM: We're basically just trying to be hermits - staying in, playing music and getting together. Not only focus on trying playing so many shows. The stuff that's been happening has organically been just a little different and I think we want to harness that and not focus so much on touring.

TS: How are you going to follow up Novels?

MM: We're going to write what feels good. It's hard to really say. We've written two records that you can definitely tell there's a progression from one to the next. But the next one is going to probably going to be a little more noticeable of a change.

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