Tuesday, April 12, 2011

that cool guy playing at the dive bar around the corner

Bonedome (United States)

This interesting multi-instrumentalist is a seasoned music industry player, and thus has quite a cool take on how he expresses himself in his music. Sometimes dark, sometimes bright, Allan Hayslip's take on the Texan music scene is far from country and more towards progressive rock.
We as listeners can tell that this guy is older and as such, is channeling his influences more than many younger musicians today. We like his creativity and lack of fear in approaching his compositions and his catchy lyrics.
We're hoping he's totally that cool guy playing at the dive bar around the corner, full of friends and fellow musicians. His sense of humor and his talented playing are quite enjoy! able. If not for that, how awesome is the name bonedome!?
Songs we recommend you listen to: "Steven" and "Custody Lullabye.

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