Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Winebirds [Garage / Melodramatic Popular Song / Pop] Portland,-Cracked-Anegg-Records,-Boyd-and-Wain,-The-Winebirds,-Ieesha-On%E2%80%99trel-and-TV-Buddhas-%5BThe-Plug%3A-Ep.-13%5D/6193.html

The Winebirds [Garage / Melodramatic Popular Song / Pop] Portland

Portland indie-pop heartwarmers The Winebirds are a defiantly analog band for the digital age. Their debut LP, Seance Hill, is a labor of traditionalist love burrowing straight from the basement of Big Pink; a bewitching album reverently constructed from spools of dusty two-inch tape, ribbon microphones, tube amps and stacks of vintage keyboards. "We're super old-gear snobs,” says guitarist/vocalist Reggie. "We'll definitely try five different amps until we find the right one."

The attention to detail paid off with Seance Hill, an album that is redolent of the warm vinyl-crackle of Fleetwood Mac, Dolly Parton or Sticky Fingers-era Rolling Stones—but still able to go toe-to-toe with the campfire cuddles of Belle & Sebastian, the cerebral indie-twang of Rilo Kiley or the brassy bubblegum of the New Pornographers.

Reggie and keyboardist Garth have been lifelong allies since their days sitting together in the science class of a Portland junior high school. After years of cycling through various high school garage bands, they conceived The Winebirds after a few nights of "drinking, doing a lot of other unhealthy things, and writing a lot of music."

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