Saturday, April 16, 2011

Seattle's J Minus has released a free MP3 and a rad claymation video to go with it!

J Minus "Congratulations, You Suck" video + FREE MP3 by bandweblogs

Seattle's J Minus has released a free MP3 and a rad claymation video to go with it!

"Congratulations, You Suck" is off their latest album Devil Music.
Watch "Congratulations, You Suck" video:
Notes: First video from the our new album 'Devil Music'.
This was my (Dylan) first time working with animation...or with a video camera for that matter. Special thanks to my sister Tae for helping with scenery ideas and Jennifer Newberry for playing the "evil ex" role. Check out her music: Jennifer Newberry Official Website.

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J Minus bio:

The story of J minus goes back to classical times. While studying the supernatural music of the spheres, the ancients discovered a bizarre musical key somewhat like the cry of a baby zebra. They knew it was powerful and they kept it a secret, referring to it only as "J minus."

FREE download: "Congratulations, You Suck" MP3

Fast-forward to 2002. Songwriter Dylan Fant would accidentally summon this forgotten key in his studio while he sang parts to his songs; the result was awesome and terrifying.

Through chance introductions and online ads, others joined his attempts to duplicate the feat. Trevor Wheetman and Chris Mongillo brought their voices and guitars and Myer Harrell provided the bass.

For years they toiled in vain, but they knew their work together - from energized rock to poignant acoustic ballads - was worthwhile in and of itself. The band members stumbled upon the J minus legacy and the name became a reminder of their lifelong mission: to move listeners to laughter and tears with music.

This is not your typical rock group; they don't party hard or wear tight pants, and share only two tattoos among them on alternating weekends. They don't sound quite like anyone (aside from hints of radio-friendly rock reminiscent of Death Cab for Cutie, The Samples, and Toad the Wet Sprocket). They are the alternative to "alternative" at a time when indie rock is the status quo.

They released their third full-length album Devil Music this year, and if you find them on stage there is a possibility that the stars will align...and you will be the first in years to witness the elusive sound of J minus.

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