Wednesday, April 20, 2011

STRENGTH - catchy Euro-disco hooks and pelvic gyrations aplenty

It's been four long years since the synth-disco trio, Strength, self-released its debut LP, the swanky collection of love jams entitled, Going Strong, but this Friday us Portlanders who have been pining over the ├╝ber-confident threesome will have to wait no more. September 3rd marks the album release party for the baby-makin'-music-makers highly anticipated sophomore effort, Mind-Reader.
If you've ever seen Strength perform, you know that Bailey Winters' sassy, sex-saturated vocals accompanied by catchy Euro-disco hooks and pelvic gyrations aplenty can get even the most tight-laced prick shakin' his groove thang. With Fake Drugs, DJ Copy and DJ Patricia Furpurse warming up the Holocene crowd, this will, without a doubt, be the sweaty dance party of the summer (or is it fall now?). If you're yet to be convinced about Strength's pure sex appeal, check out the mp3 below for the first track off Mind-Reader, "Metal".
If you're still not convinced, how about the fact that the show only costs $5? I thought that'd hook ya! See you sexy bitches on the dance floor. Show starts at 9 pm. 21+.

-Katrina Nattress

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