Monday, November 28, 2011

GUNSLINGER: Even tough guys gotta dance.

Written by ~Dino Raeker


Early Volumes 1
Blitz Music

With a name like Gunslinger, you might expect some rootin’ tootin’ tuneage along the lines of the Outlaws or even, say, Steve Wynn. What you get instead is dance music. Dance, gringo, dance, before the pistol stops shooting at the ground and starts shooting at your feet. Gunslinger, it turns out, is the work of one Chris Anthem. He’s optimistically entitled his first release Early Volumes 1 in anticipation of a long and productive career. Possessing songwriting skills to match his programming prowess, Chris should survive a good many DJ draw downs in the clubland corral. His trick is pumping the 80s New Romantics full of electro steroids and letting them run wild. The top of your head starts buzzing while your heart keeps beating. Anthemic vocals thankfully prevent your brain from needing life support. The bass line doesn’t let your feet stop moving the whole time either, of course. A pistolero looming nearby is not necessarily required to enjoy good dance music. Even tough guys gotta dance.

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