Wednesday, November 23, 2011

If you've been searching for just the right Indie compilation(s) xo for the holidays

01. Piney Gir - "Christmas Time"
02. Climber - "Holiday Hoopla"
03. Pictures Of Then - "I Believe In Father Christmas"
04. Jessie Torrisi - "I Lose a Little Bit of You"
05. Kulewa - "I'll Be Home"
06. Magnuson - "O Come Emmanuel"
07. Rags & Ribbons - "Greensleeves"
08. The Janks - "Silent Knight"
09. The Winter Sounds - "Stranded in Snowville"
10. Beneath Wind and Waves - "The Gift"
11. Bradley Wik and The Charlatans - "Midwest Winters"


I admit that when all of the other web sites have listed a freebie, I feel less inclined to rush it up.  I'd rather invest my time finding the freebies no one else has uncovered yet.  So, yeah, I'm late getting to this one.  And a few others that I'll get to soon enough.

XO Publicity is exactly that, a publicity outfit.  I'm not exactly sure who or what it is they publicize, but I hope they do it well and make a gazillion dollars if only so they'll continue bringing us sweet free Christmas Comps like this one. This, you'll notice, is the fourth year we've been treated to "XO For The Holidays" and, yes, the other three can still be found and downloaded, give or take a track.

If you've been searching for just the right Indie compilation(s), you could do a lot worse than these free downloads from XO.  First up, on this year's in Piney Gir.  Need I saw more?  I love Piney Gir.  Other standouts here include Kulewa, who show Scott Weiland how a 21st Century band should do up a standard.  The Winter Sounds turn in an excellent 80s tinged Indie Rock effort with "Stranded In Snowville""Greensleeves" from Rags & Ribbons is only loosely based on the traditional melody of the same name; I'd call it an entirely new progressive rock track, but for one verse in the middle.  Magnuson fuzzes up "O Come Emmanuel".  And Bradley Wik's "Midwest Winters" might be the best gift among the many great gifts here.  But you've already read all that everywhere else.  Just go download it already.

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