Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Paper Diamond LIVE REVIEW from The Moonlight Masquerade

Paper Diamond

Can we go up by Paper Diamond

Abstract Earth Project, Red Cube and Insomniac production companies brought quite a treat to the fans of the electronic music genre in Portland, Oregon. The masses from the young rave scene were in full effect, as well as seasoned innovative dance music lovers. The Moonlight Masquerade event took place at the Convention Center in Portland, Oregon two Saturdays before Halloween.  The lineup comprised of some the biggest names in the IDM community.  One highlight of the night was Paper Diamond, awarded the prime time spot on the Bass Mountain Stage.  Paper Diamond is the new persona of Alex B., formerly known by many as the bass player for Pnuma Trio. The new solo project has exploded into the electronic scene. The experienced producer uses a mix of analog hardware and new digital technology to create his layered bass-heavy beats.
Abstract Earth Project has built a wonderful reputation for transforming any warehouse into a premier space using visual art, sculptures, and cutting edge light systems.   In contrast, walking into the Oregon Convention Center on this night felt a bit bland and not very different from any other event at this venue.  The bright fluorescents and wide-open halls, which led to the enormous ballrooms were not especially inviting. The expected mood was not set until finally arriving to the main doors that hosted the evening’s musicians as well as Portland’s local crop of talented venders.
The two main rooms mirrored each other with the stages centered and innovative lighting design in the immense space.  For those who have gone to a Bassnectar or Thievery Corporation show should immediately identify with the enormity of the advanced light system. The young crowd found themselves dancing along to his grinding synthesizer beats that are fluidly matched by his punchy bass will be dancing to the bounce and the rhythm of a new and much more innovative producer.  The high-energy set ended with a remix from Bassnectar, currently the king of IDM.
- Juliet Maisel (xo live reviewer)
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