Thursday, April 5, 2012

Exploring the Color Spectrum with White Orange. And Red Asses

By: kevin.stewart-panko white orange - live

The psychedelic slew-foot of Portland’s White Orange first came to my attention because of the intricate design of their …And This is Why I Speak to You in Parables picture disc EP. My copy of …Parables sat at the front of my ‘to listen to’ pile for a long while. I would love staring at its symbol usage, mystical air, busy symmetry and how all those artistic elements would stare back at me and keep me transfixed.

It was a few weeks before I mustered up the nerve to actually throw the platter on my turntable. I admit it, I was afraid the musical quality of it wouldn’t proportionally live up to its visual artistry. Luckily, …Parables wasn’t half bad. It didn’t blow me into the middle of next week, but I could bop, groove, head nod and toe tap along to the band’s lengthy songs and Nebula/the Sword/Deep Purple/Torche stylings without feeling obligated or like I was forcing myself to find good in White Orange’s sonic space ride.
On September 20th, their ironically-named hometown label, Made in China Records will be dropping the quartet’s self-titled debut. Prepare yourself for another round of artwork you can get lost in for days and more soaring, acid/stoner rock/metal where the crunch and chug is itself off-set and complemented by shades of shoegaze and Dinosaur Jr.

The folks at their PR company, XO Publicity have granted the public free access to lead-off single, “Dinosaur Bones.” Check it out here.
As well, below you can find the video for said song which combines a performance by the shaggy, unwashed band, some crazy-ass bikes and a gaggle of super-hot cheerleaders decked out in white and orange with a storyline centered around an especially spirited game of what we used to call Red Ass back when I was in elementary school. You may recognize the game, and its rules, by a different name, but whatever you call it and whatever rule variation you use, someone’s going home with a welt or 20.

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