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"It's all in the minimum"
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Hotels - Novels review From minute one, the Burning Hotels take charge. The
chaotic fluctuations combined with guitar leads and fine tuned song
mathematics make the debut 'Novels' seem like a well oiled locomotive that's
on the right track.

Californian post-punk is quickly driven with NY rock through an European
mindset and yet the indie hybrid fails to produce the factor X, although you
can't blame them for lack of trying - the semi-uninnovative yet very
endearing and well controlled chaos schemes endure throughout the record.
But the story telling fails to convince and the record lacks a certain
uniting spirit. Therefore the whole piece feels like a book of 11 chapters
but the author has forgotten the glue that holds the book together.

The obvious thing to do is to dissolve the whole piece into single digits
then. So we end up with the most memorable track on 'Novels' - "Austin's
Birthday" (a certain radio fave), the rest - artsier and with individual
sparks of excellence yet grow old fast.

Overall, 'Novels' is a high-speed-train ride - an adventure at first but
business as usual for the busy traveler.
The most fascinating thing about these Texan hipsters is their ability to
comfortably combine the NY venom of the Strokes, the Leeds playfulness of
the Kaiser Chiefs and the Las Vegan flair of the Killers. If not for all the
37 minutes but for that I take my hat off to The Burning Hotels for a solid

'Novels' drops April 26th, so look out for it.

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