Monday, April 5, 2010


Jessie Torrisi "Brûler Brûler" (Wild Curls 2009)

Funny how different albums get you hooked in different ways, in track five Runaway Train the question’s asked “what’s it gonna take to get your attention” with this debut from Jessie Torrori it was the gorgeous vocal that grabbed my attention immediately and got me listening a little closer.

Jessie has moved from playing drums for a series of New York rock bands to fronting her own band based out of Austin and Brûler Brûler (Burn Burn) “a metaphor for passion” is the result - an eight track album of superior indie pop with a light dusting of alt-country, Jessie is supported by The Please Please Me, Paul Mercurio (bass, guitar, drum) and Alissa Schram (cello, melodica, bass) - there’s a host of other instruments in play on the album, but without liner notes they shall have to remain anonymous.

It’s all over too quickly at 30 minutes, but there’s no filler in this classy collection of tunes, for eMusic subscribers get the album here for you iTunes junkies it’s here.

Track five Runaway Trainread it here

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