Monday, April 5, 2010

Noise Pop: A last-minute slacker's guide : MUSIC FOR ANIMALS

Noise Pop: A last-minute slacker's guide

Music for Animals -- always available

An exhausting week of show after show has arrived, and it’s hard to say no to such a thick lineup of interesting indie. That is, if you had a choice. If you’ve already got your tickets, my mother would be proud. If you are among the league of last-minute fools, be forewarned -- you are officially SOL (insert Debbie Downer "whaw whaw" here). Lots of shows are sold out, including almost everything I had my eye on: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zones, Loquat, Best Coast, Zee Avi, Atlas Sound, Four Tet, Mirah... So, if you’re like me and staggering to find your place in Noise Pop, here’s a guide to what’s best of what’s left.

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