Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Music: Bonedome: Thinktankubator


Music: Bonedome: Thinktankubator
Our Take

Bonedome is one of those bands whose music contains a little bit of everything rock related. On their debut effort, the group has elements of classic rock, progressive rock, and alternative rock (among others) all mixed into one cohesive sound. While this may sound as though it is going to result in a very disjointed effort, the band’s debut effort Thinktankubator is actually a very layered effort that will have listeners analyzing every single song just to find out what influences it pulls from. And although there are some slightly weaker tracks, the overall album is very strong and should keep people interested.

Despite the fact that almost every song on Thinktankubator has a slightly different sound from the last all of the tracks fit in with one another and nothing is ever thrown at the listener that seems unnatural or out of place. Bonedome clearly is interested in always offering something new, as one minute they might be playing old school progressive rock while the next they are playing more modern alternative rock. There’s certainly a lot to like, as the instrumentalists put a lot of emphasis on creating catchy melodic riffs that make all of their different styles to stick with listeners. Admittedly there is a song or two where the sounds just kind of fade into the background and don’t grab your attention, but as a whole this album does stand out.

Vocalist Allan Hayslip sounds as though he was ripped out of the halls of classic rock as his singing is very reminiscent of a number of rock vocalists from the late 60’s and early 70’s. Hayslip is backed up by some of the other musicians and this is often used to create some very cool harmonies. What is even more impressive is how he is able to adapt his style to fit all of the different instrumental arrangements without sounding awkward. Despite the fact that his voice gives Bonedome a slight retro vibe, this doesn’t make the group sound dated at all and actually helps them out.

Thinktankubator is a very interesting release that manages to mix retro and modern rock together to create material that should attract listeners both young and old. There is still some room for the band to grow and continue to expand on all of their various instrumental styles but as of right now they’re still memorable. Look for Bonedome to be in a lot more places in the next few years as they have lots of potential.

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