Friday, April 2, 2010

"Austin's Birthday" Video and mp3 - The Burning Hotels

"Austin's Birthday" Video and mp3 - The Burning Hotels
Author: Skelly March 9th, 2010

It seems no matter how often I search or how vigilant I stand, great music
always seems to slip through the cracks. It's just too easy to get
overwhelmed by the volume of music in the digital age, and at some point we
all thank our lucky stars for people out there who shove something worth
listening to directly in our ears. Case in point: an active little bird at
xo Publicity who has a handle on things that are hot - like The Burning
Hotels from Austin, Texas!

The Burning Hotels have a new album titled Novels dropping April 27, and as
precursor to sweet pandemonium, the band is calling all fans of modern rock
to prepare their iPods and mp3 players with the first single off the record,
"Austin's Birthday." We've posted the video for the tune, but you also
might notice a little blue link below it. That's right - right click that
baby and dump it into your current playlist immediately. Then hit the band's
Myspace page and let them know how many great clubs in the Twin Cities are
awaiting their arrival!

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