Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"High energy electronic trance flirts with dub.....GUNSLINGER


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Early Volumes 1

Los Angeles, CA

"High energy electronic trance flirts with

dub without force feeding bass."

With a name like Gunslinger one might

think more along the lines of Clint Eastwoodstyle,

rough around the edges music.

Gunslinger is anything but boots and chaps.

They blend an electronic mix mash that marries

sounds like the baroque cacophony of

Gold Panda over the classic thumping house

beats, reminiscent of recent tour mate Tiesto.

On Early Volumes, Gunslinger (Chris

Anthem and Blare Vidal) starts off with "Run

For Your Life," a classic electro trance song

with a thick '80s vocal loop resulting in nostalgic,

pulsating, beat-driven night music.

Continuing the heavy beats, Gunslinger

pounds in sounds of piano over fuzzed vocals

for "Who Have You Been," and then turn up

the heat with the classically synthed "Words."

The duo is like Pendulum meets 3Oh!3, and by

"Unbreakable" (the breakout track) they toss

in the bait and switch bass that has been perfected

by Deadmau5. The song runs the gamut

of electronic sounds past to present, finally

flirting with a shout out to Millennial's dub

step without beating the listener over the

head with bass. Early Volumes finishes strong

with "Nothing's Good Enough," following suit

with the bass lines that border on dub, heavy

but somehow managing to be both classic and

modern at the same time. (Self-released)

Tara C Lacey http://www.thelastgunslinger.com/

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