Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stephanie Schneiderman: Watch her talk about her new album ‘Rubber Teardrop’

Stephanie Schneiderman: Watch her talk about her new album ‘Rubber Teardrop’

by Tom D'Antoni on May 4, 2011

The creative story of Stephanie Schneiderman and Keith Schreiner opens a new chapter this week with the release of her new album, Rubber Teardrop.
The release show is Friday, May 6 at the Alberta Rose Theatre, doors 7:30, $15 (5% of the door & 50% merch going to mercy corps Japan relief) with Dirty Martini opening (which Schneiderman is also in).
Well-known as a singer/songwriter, playing in various styles before they met, the collaboration with Schreiner (aka Auditory Sculpture) drastically changed her style, putting her strong lyrics in a totally different setting.
He was the electronics guy, she the guitar poet/goddess. When word got around that they were working together, heads tilted. No worries, her Dangerous Fruit did very well. They toured together, immediately planning for the follow-up.
At the time of the release of the first album, he said, “I liked the voice and I liked the songs. Her old style of music isn’t something that interests me that much but a song is a song. I thought it could use an update, the presentation of it. She can perform any one of these songs singer-songwriter style. I just listen for voices.”
On Tuesday of this week, she talked about the new album, and the differences between this one and the last one.
She also plays keys on the album. Jade Vanocore is on bassoon and vocals, Tony Furtado, Schneiderman’s husband-to-be is on ukulele and slide guitar. She wrote all the songs (with help from Ari Hest on one and Amelia White on two more) except for “Between the Bars” which is an Elliott Smith.
Listen to “Hush” from Rubber Teardrop

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