Sunday, May 29, 2011

Microtia = Oceansize + The Receiving End of Sirens


Microtia = Oceansize + The Receiving End of Sirens

You know what I like? I like me some progressive, crazy, intense, space-rock/post-punk action, and the new Microtia album gives it to me good. It’s nice to hear an unsigned band like this make music of this caliber and recording quality independently. I can’t pick a favorite track, because all nine tracks are sweet dope. The instrumentation throughout is captivating, but the best aspect of Microtia is their clarity and non-yelped vocals, which sound like a stiff concoction of Jam Jamte from Khoma and Paul Mullen from Yourcodenameis:milo. If frontman Eric Leskovar ever comes over to my house, I will most likely invite him in for a one-night stand—that’s how much I love his vocal prowess. The band has made some giant leaps in their song-writing abilities since their 2007 EP, Distance Is Oval. This is definitely an independent band that deserves some serious attention. I just hope I get my one-night stand first. –Jon Robertson

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