Friday, April 17, 2009

benjamin bear review in SYNTHESIS magazine



S E L F - R E L E A S E D

Off ering the listener a fresh genre creation, the self-proclaimed
label of “stargazer,” is befi tting of the music of
Benjamin Bear’s Lungs. The album is concentrated with
melodic intensity played out in the form of evocative
vocals, dark piano solos and heavy percussion. With
one half of the duo’s roots in classical and jazz and the
other in rock and blues, it is apparent how they arrived
together at the given variable. Though Lungs begins in
a very melancholy mood, the tempo quickens by the
fourth track, “Russ,” and from there oscillates between
solemn and lighthearted. At face value, the album’s lyrics
show a recurring pattern of unrequited love and breakup
ballads, but the emotional candor in which they are
delivered unmistakably guarantees relevance.

Sarah Kirkpatrick

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