Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CAVES REVIEW on teamstreetnorth



Get On With It
Caves has a sound that you think you have heard before but the longer you listen you realize they have taken what you have heard before and created something completely different. Their music is filled with rhythm and funk but still rooted deep inside is their pop influences.

Their song, Soldier is very upbeat and one that you could dance to, sing along to or go out on a road trip to that would keep you pumped to go where you are going or wanting to go. The next song on the album does a drastic change but that change creates a another emotion within the album, they are not only upbeat they are also emotional and are able to do it well without taking away from any of the songs or the music as a whole on the album.

Throughout the album from song one to song eleven, you have a new hearing experience and you have a creative edge off every song. After listening to Caves on Get On With It, you will feel alive and feel like you have listened to an album that was created for the music and for the people that listen to it, not an album that was created because they had a deadline or because they wanted to make music; it’s because they love what they do and care about what they are doing.

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