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Reviewed! Catfight - ‘In Stereo’

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Catfight!‘In Stereo’
Let’s get the bad part out of the way first, ‘Catfight!’s ‘In Stereo’ is only five tracks long.
Now, onto the good part, which pretty much is everything else. ‘In Stereo’ offers a lot of looks throughout, including two different singers (band members Bobby Rotten and Christine respectively), as well as some songs that sound like they should have been written 30 or 40 years ago.
Catfight! play a very refreshing blend of somewhat distorted fuzz pop/indie rock that you would be hard-pressed to hear anywhere else. The band walks a seamless line between noise and pop in order to produce their songs, which while overly simple and albeit short, manage to get their point across rather bluntly.
‘Get It On’ kicks off the effort with a thorough, driving bass line that doesn’t let up until the track switches over to the early 90’s clean pop sheen of ‘Alone Today’ and the quasi-dance floor anthem that is ‘Ready Steady Go.’ Catfight! has the ability to change its look with different singers – Bobby and Christine switch off between vocals. When Christine is behind the microphone, there is a definite Veruca Salt vibe and adversely when Bobby mans the mic, you surely envision the White Stripes. Well, Catfight! on the whole summons a Stripes-esque feel, but still. ‘Candy Cane’ might be the catchiest contribution of ‘In Stereo’ with its airy, winding guitars and memorable hook, and the album’s closer, ‘Sheila,’ offers a deep, trudging bass line to finish off the record.
It may be under-produced, but for Catfight! this is a good start. Unfortunately, ‘In Stereo’ plays too quickly at only twelve minutes across five tracks, but luckily for this duo they are good enough to leave a lasting effect.
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