Friday, April 17, 2009

MOTORIK show preview in the stranger

Motorik, International Espionage!, Telepathic Liberation Army

(Funhouse) On their MySpace page, local trio Motorik get defensive about references to their moniker (they are not simply about the Apache beat immortalized by Neu!) and post-punk bands to which critics and other observers have compared them. On the first point, Motorik certainly don't overuse that eponymous rhythm; as for the second one, Motorik sure do sound enamored of OG British post-punk outfits like Bauhaus, Joy Division, and Theater of Hate (one passage in "Six Filters" closely emulates the main melody of JD's "Dead Souls"). The band's black attire and even darker bass tones don't sway one to think otherwise. Still, there are worse periods and styles from which to draw inspiration, and Motorik seem passionate and technically adroit enough to move on to more individualistic efforts in the near future. DAVE SEGAL

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