Sunday, June 27, 2010

Burning Hotels' flame grows with full-length debut, 'Novels'

Burning Hotels' flame grows with full-length debut, 'Novels'

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The Burning Hotels -- Chance Morgan, Matt Mooty, Wyatt Adams and Marley
Whistler -- are one of Fort Worth's sharpest acts, on record or in concert.

The full-length Novels follows 2007's Eighty Five Mirrors EP, as well as an
appearance in last year's feature film Bandslam. The punk-tinged precision
of the group's earlier work is only reinforced by Novels' blistering pace;
instant favorites like To Whom It May Concern, Austin's Birthday or Time
virtually reach out of the speakers and take hold.

Co-vocalists Morgan and Mooty, both given to infectious yelps of feeling,
trade off throughout. Adams anchors everything with his bone-crushing skills
behind the kit; Whistler threads his bass lines in between spiky dollops of

The songs, which have many bloggers reaching for comparisons to the Killers,
dwell mostly upon love yearned for and lost. It's a startlingly romantic
record once the gleaming guitars and trip-hammer percussion are stripped

If anything, Novels is the first chapter in what will hopefully be a long,
fruitful career. The band will play a CD-release show April 30 at the Moon.


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