Monday, June 28, 2010


The Burning Hotels
By Travis Persaud

The Burning Hotels reach back five years, drawing on inspiration from the
Strokes and the Stills for their debut full-length album, Novels. It's
difficult not to enjoy songs such as "Austin's Birthday," "Silhouette" or
"French Heart Attack"; they're catchy, have lively beats and are the perfect
"everyday, anytime" sort of music. But that's just it: they don't evoke any
strong emotions or reactions; it's merely great background music, with a
track or two that might find its way onto a play list. If they could only
take what they did with "To Whom it May Concern" ? angular guitar lines,
frenetic drum beats and a soaring chorus ? and expand upon it. That one
track proves they have a keen sense of how to write a solid song,
unfortunately that same passion isn't conveyed across all 11 tracks. Novels
is worthy of a quick iTunes tryst, but not a record store romance. (Miss

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