Sunday, June 20, 2010

Transient Songs (United States)

Transient Songs (United States)

This is garage grunge psychedelic rock in its purity. Their songs are catchy, slow yet quickly-paced, understandable, and memorable. With psychedelic and post-modern lyrics, talking about ghosts, and cars, and hearts, girls and drunks, these boys from the Pacific Northwest of the United States are intriguing and creative.

Something is a bit off, but in a good way, about their music. Maybe it's the vocals imperfectly harmonizing with the guitar riffs, or the engaging lyrics, or something else entirely. Sometimes they are dark, at others, sunshine-y and bright, but all the meanwhile, creating intricate stories, lyrically and musically.

If you like reverb and fuzzy guitars alongside percussive elemental beats and psychedelic surf rock inspired so! ngs, then Transient Songs and their upcoming full-length album may be your new favorites.

Songs we recommend you listen to: "Southern City Saturdays" and "Plantation to Your Youth."

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