Sunday, June 20, 2010

BONEDOME Thinktankubator CD on pirate radio

BONEDOME Thinktankubator CD
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BONEDOME / Thinktankubator CD / Summer Break Records / 2010

The strain of ‘70s power-pop that got assimilated by ‘80s gothy New Wave, especially by bands on the other side of the big pond, is in full force on this quirky release. Allan Hayslip, the singer/songwriter/producer here, might have been born 30 years too late to cash in on the original dark pop craze, but better late than never. Like the Silverlake pop explosion of the ‘00s, I give a thumbs up to good sounds even if they aren’t all that original.


4 “Slow Jesus Xing” (shades of TEARDROP EXPLODES)
6 “I Can Lose You” (BYRDS meet BEATLES’ “Tomorrow Never Knows”)
9 “The Other One” (CARS meet GUIDED BY VOICES)

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