Friday, June 11, 2010

Give a listen: New Stephanie Schneiderman -- 'Wide Open'

Give a listen: New Stephanie Schneiderman -- 'Wide Open'
By Ryan White, The Oregonian

Stephanie Schneiderman has been busy working on a new record, and she's offered up a tune from the sessions. You can download from her Web site. You can see her, and probably a hear a few other new tunes, at Jimmy Mak's this evening, where she continues her twice-a-month residency.

Of this tune, Wide Open, she says:

1) I've never given a song away for free and unfortunately for my pocket book, I LIKE it.
2) Sonically speaking, its a bit of a departure for me, an evolution that started with Dangerous Fruit.
3) It turned into a bit of an accidental ode to the 80s. Maybe I'm still working through the roller skating and the bad hair, but regardless, here it is!

Yes, here it is. (Perhaps she can film the video on a battleship. That'd be fun, and good therapy.)

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