Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Climber - The Mystic (Independently released CD, Progressive pop)

The Climber - The Mystic (Independently released CD, Progressive pop)


This is a very solid and engaging album from this up-and-coming underground pop band. The first thing that struck us about The Mystic was how strong the rhythms are. These guys write and play songs that absolutely command dancing. The beats are steady and strong and the bass lines thick and driving. The guys in The Climber play a brand of modern pop that is infused with threads of soul and sprinkled with subtle snippets of technology. While their songs sound familiar in many other ways they have so many unique qualities that they don't really sound like anyone else in particular. The arrangements are always interesting and slightly unorthodox and the vocals are light years beyond what one normally hears. There's a lot to take in here...thirteen tracks delivered over the course of almost 51 minutes. Check out the band's web site (link above) features a wealth of information as well as some incredible artwork created by Michael Nelson. The Climber is a band to keep an eye on. These guys are doing everything RIGHT.

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