Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Very Foundation (United States)

The Very Foundation (United States)

This band of jazzy pop is not typical, both in musical composition and in lyrics. Centered around the twists and turns and ironies of modern romanticism, their most recent album is about a year of travelling and then coming back home to a lover in a most interesting way.

Their lyrics are so jarringly honest and blunt that it can be hard to focus on the music. Yet Michael Lewis' distinctive voice with organ and keys, along with bandmate Bevan's percussion, is more visceral from most music you might ever hear or feel.

There is a jazz feeling, with a church-like edge, and a punk sound, all merging into this new style of Portland pop that we can only think to name honest rhythmic pop.

Songs we recommend you! listen to: "Runaway to Tokyo" and "Better Get Off."

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